Peak - Player Development

Shape Your Athletic Future

Breakdown Your Game Film

  • Understand your game strengths and weaknesses. Identify areas to focus in workouts
  • Visualization to feel more prepared for game action
  • Use game film to plan future player development
  • Import and store game film
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Connect With Trainers and Athletes

  • Collaborate on game film breakdowns regardless of distance
  • Collaborate on customized training plans. Track the progress and success of training plans in training relationship
  • Save time on logistics, schedule workouts and process payments seamlesslyat any stage of the player development process
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Build Your Workouts

  • Hold yourself accountable with goals and milestones
  • Use of data (stats) and game film to customize plans for your athletic needs
  • Makes good communication tool for your coaches, other trainers, and parents. Ensures everyone is on the same page
  • Dashboards to help monitor workout progress. Quickly identify ineffective training methods and change course.
  • Trainer dashboards to assist athletes at scale and manage your business.

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